My mom gets quality, reliable care at home, allowing me peace of mind while at work  

KronusCare provides comprehensive support solutions at home. Helping you to manage the key support needs of a parent, as you cope with a busy life.

I had someone help manage my mum’s post hospitalization rehabilitation therapy and her functional maintenance after that  

KronusTherapy offers physical and hydrotherapy solutions to ensure effective post-surgical rehabilitation to optimal function.

I hired a caregiver to assist my dad. But she lacks specific skills for his needs  

KronusConnect enhance caregiver's knowledge through KronusConnect, our focused online training programs for different need requirements.

I have retired and continue to travel the world. My arthritis does not stop me  

KronusTravel Customized itineraries with support to help you explore new landscapes and friendships.

Life Beyond Years

Kronus provides innovative and versatile solutions for seniors
so that they can continue to live a quality life
in the golden years.

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Care Options at Home
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Minimising Pain
Maximising Mobility


Total Travel Enjoyment
In Your Golden Years


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