Online training and advice for caregivers and families...
anytime, anywhere

KronusConnect is designed to allow you to access skills and knowledge in improving the function, management and care of older persons. We can help you with what you need to keep an older person at home for as long as possible.

Online Training

Learn the specific skills required for the management of different conditions related to ageing issues through or customized videos. Interact in real-time
with a healthcare professional to refine your care management knowledge.

Online Advisory

Get advice about your caregiving needs with a healthcare manager face-to-face. Discuss the details of your care-at-home program and the management of age-related deterioration.

How KronusConnect can benefit you?

  1. Acquire specific skills to help in the function of older persons.
  2. Access these skills anytime and review as many times as needed.
  3. Home rehab exercises to supplement a physiotherapy program.
  1. Acquire knowledge to manage your care-at-home program.
  2. Empower your maid or caregiver to be more effective in their care.
  3. A more cost-effective option to nursing homes.